July 19, 2019, 9:41 pm
Services Offered
Vegetation Management

Sabine & Waters’ Vegetation Management Division provides clients with a range of site management options. Designed for the needs of private landowners, real estate and development firms, hunt clubs, and public agencies, this division assists landowners in a cost effective and environmentally sensitive manner for vegetation control.

Timber & Wildlife

The Timberland and Wildlife Management Division assists clients, both public and private, to derive comprehensive solutions to multiple use forestry and land management options to maximize the landowner’s goals for productive utilization of their natural resources.


The Environmental Services Division provides a comprehensive range of environmental, regulatory and ecological consulting services. These services assist our clients to ensure compliance with the prolific and complex environmental regulations--while at the same time promote a high level of environmental quality.


Sabine & Waters, Inc. utilizes Geographic Information Systems and remote sensing to evaluate environmental constraints on project properties. We offer landowners, hunting clubs, real estate offices, and others, high quality color mapping images that can be used for displays, marketing and site location maps.The Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Department assists other internal departments by collecting this data and representing that data in the form of maps and supporting documents.


Sabine & Waters, Inc. is engaged in assisting landowners with developing forest carbon projects. Our forestry expertise, as well as our experience in the carbon market makes us a single-source solution for realizing carbon income potential from your property.