June 19, 2019, 11:42 pm

The Dorange tract is located approximately five and one-half miles east of the Town of Branchville. South Carolina. Access is off State Highway #S-38-135, Cattle Creek Road. There are two contiguous parcels, Orangeburg County Tax Map Numbers 0224-00-04-003 and 0228-00-05-016.

The tract is approximately one hundred twenty-two and one-half (122.59) acres of natural loblolly and longleaf pine. The majority of the property is upland, but there is a narrow hardwood drain that runs through the middle of the property. The combination of the hardwood drain and the mature open pine stands makes this an excellent tract for deer hunting. The property lines have been cleared and disked, and are accessible by ATV.

The western half of the property was thinned in early 2000. The eastern portion was thinned in 2006. A good stand of longleaf and loblolly remains. The property has been prescribed burned twice in the last five years and an excellent stand of pine reproduction is located in the thinned area. Red Cockaded Woodpeckers were noticed in the area when the timber sale in 2000 was being prepared. No birds were nesting on the site, but they were discovered to be foraging. A Safe Harbor agreement was applied for and received from the State and the property was enrolled in the program with a 0 baseline. This action protects the property from any restrictions due t the presence of RCW’s in the future.

Location Map
Aerial Map

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