July 19, 2019, 9:37 pm
Forts Gordon, Jackson, & Stewart

Sabine & Waters, Inc. performed a complete timber resource analysis of Fort Jackson Military Reservation, Richland County, South Carolina; Fort Gordon Military Reservation, Augusta, Georgia; and Fort Stewart Military Reservation, Hinesville, Georgia. This effort involved a timber cruise on approximately 385,000 acres of forestland.

Field work was being expedited through utilization of computerized field data collectors with customized software designed for ease-of-use and quality control. Over 55,000 forested plots were sampled for species, trees per acre, and heights and grade. Fire fuel data, herbaceous type and cover, shrub type and cover, growth rates, regeneration rates, site index and size distribution were also determined for each plot. The plot data was processed in Timber Management Inventory (TMI) programs to generate mean averages, standard errors, and confidence intervals for each category of sample data. The data was then imported into Geographical Resource Analysis Support System (GRASS). GRASS is the geographical information system (GIS) that is used to develop, analyze, model and display the statistical data.