July 19, 2019, 9:38 pm
Dorchester County

Dorchester County is neighbored by Charleston and Berkeley Counties. This region of South Carolina is seeing tremendous growth in population and industries. Dorchester County hired Sabine & Waters, Inc. to develop digital cadastral maps and a database for their Geographic Information System (GIS). This database will be used by the Economic Development Board, Tax Assessor, Planning, Management Information Services (MIS) and Public Works Departments.

Sabine & Waters scanned the ortho rectified photography and mylar tax maps into a digital format. The scanned data was then registered and rectified to the State Plane Coordinate System. The State Plane Coordinate System was chosen to remain consistent with other data developed at the local level. The scanned tax data was vectorized and geocoded with a unique tax map number. This unique number is the link to the existing Tax Assessor’s database. The resulting digital datalayer is a seamless database of all tax parcels within Dorchester County. In all, 44,000 parcels were developed.