July 19, 2019, 9:39 pm
Charleston County Parks & Recreation

CCPRC has employed Sabine & Waters, Inc. as their natural resource manger on park properties throughout their park system. Their goal is to develop appropriate land management and forest management plans to best utilize and protect the resources.

CCPRC represents one of the most unique park and recreation agencies in the State of South Carolina. Existing in an area which boasts excellent municipal programs and two additional special recreation districts, CCPRC is charged with providing park and recreational services, as well as working in harmony with other recreational agencies in Charleston County.

Sabine & Waters, Inc. marked, sold and supervised the removal of timber, conducted prescribed burns on forested land and rice fields, inventoried timber and marsh vegetation and performed wetland delineations on properties in the park system. We have written timber management plans on most of the parks properties that incorporates sound timber and wildlife management with the CCPRC goals of preserving soil, water and conservation values and providing recreational opportunities for the citizens of Charleston County and South Carolina.