June 19, 2019, 11:43 pm

Sabine & Waters, Inc. was hired by the Bayer Corporation to obtain a Section 404 wetland fill permit in conjunction with a multi-million dollar expansion of their Bushy Park, South Carolina Plant. As part of the permit process, wetland mitigation in the form of preservation and creation was proposed. Sabine & Waters located a suitable site of upland and designed the excavation, planting and monitoring of a 15 acre freshwater wetland creation. Monitoring wells were sampled prior to excavation to locate the seasonal levels of ground water and the design was drawn to provide the necessary hydrologic regime for successful establishment.

Wetland soils were removed from the proposed fill sites and placed in the creation area. Wetland trees were planted. Hydrologic and vegetation monitoring was conducted for five years after which the regulatory agencies released the site as successfully established.