July 19, 2019, 9:39 pm
Bailey Island

Sabine & Waters, Inc. performed wetland delineation, habitat assessment, protected species survey, shellfish survey and cultural resources assessment for Baileys Island, a planned unit development in Charleston County, South Carolina. Initial assessment information was compiled into an environmental assessment report. The environmental assessment submitted to the regulatory agencies was utilized for initial project planning and was later in support of a permit application package to the regulatory agencies. Wetland mitigation and monitoring were proposed to compensate for proposed wetland impacts. A five year wetland mitigation monitoring program was developed.

Environmental permits obtained for the Bailey Island Club by Sabine & Waters included; dock permits, boat ramps, salt marsh causeway crossings, bridge permits and freshwater wetland impact permits. In addition, a large conservation easement that protected over 400 acres of pristine maritime forest and saltmarsh in the ACE Basin was negotiated for the client.