June 19, 2019, 11:53 pm


John B. Sabine "Bart" Vice President

Mr. Sabine has 40 years of professional experience in forestry and environmental land management studies. He is the vice president of Sabine & Waters, Inc. Mr. Sabine has gained extensive experience in forest management while working for large industrial forest products companies and small non-industrial private landowners. He has worked on several broad-based research projects that covered topics from forest ecology to meteorology. He has conducted numerous wetland studies, protected species surveys, habitat restoration projects, timber resource surveys and reforestation projects throughout the southeastern United States and the Caribbean Islands. He has participated in an assessment of biodiversity and in the Siberian Region of the Commonwealth of Russia, as well as serving on wetland forums for US EPA, Clemson, State of South Carolina and others. He also is a former member of the Dorchester County, South Carolina Planning Board. Mr. Sabine is on the Board of Directors for the South Carolina Forestry Association and the Lord Berkeley Conservation Trust. He serves on the Dorchester County Conservation Commission as well as on the  Dorchester County Task Force on wetlands.



M.S., Environmental Science, University of Virginia

B.S., Botany, Florida State University


Professional Accreditation:

Registered Forester, South Carolina

South Carolina Prescribed Fire Manger, #654

Master Wildlifer Program, 2005

Certified S130 Fire Fighter, National Wildfire Coordinating Group

Certified S190 Wildland Fire Behavior Training, National Wildfire Coordinating Group



South Carolina Forestry Association - Board of Directors

Lord Berkeley Conservation Trust - Board of Directors

Member South Carolina Forestry Commission Best Management Practice Review Task Force

Dorchester County Conservation Commission

Long Leaf Alliance

Greater Summerville and Dorchester County Chamber of Commerce

Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce