June 19, 2019, 11:45 pm


Matthew T. Zielke Geographical Information Systems Analyst


Mr. Zielke is a Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Analyst for Sabine & Waters. He manages and maintains the GIS/Geographic Positioning System (GPS) for the environmental and forestry divisions. He is proficient in wetland photographic interpretation and he coordinates the remote sensing activities for the company. Mr. Zielke is experienced in the management and integration of geospatial data from multiple sources. He has extensive knowledge of many programming languages, operating systems, ESRI ARCVIEW products, Trimble GPS products, networking systems as well as most office applications and software. Mr. Zielke is responsible for project management including subcontractor supervision and accountability, and fiscal responsibility. Mr. Zielke is on the prescribed fire crew and has completed all training offered by the SC Forestry Commission for the use of controlled fire in forestry.



B.S., Marketing, Clemson University


Professional Accreditation

Certified Prescribed Fire Manager, # 1115, South Carolina

Completed ESRI training with ARCGIS I, ARCGIS II and Building Geodatabases I