June 19, 2019, 11:43 pm
About Sabine & Waters
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Sabine & Waters, Inc. began offering professional forestry consulting services to landowners in 1977.  Bart Sabine and Randy Waters formed a partnership to provide customized resource management for a small group of landowners in Georgia and South Carolina.  During a time of sweeping change to the industry, the company quickly became known for providing services to the private and commercial landowner that were not available through other sources.  This started with an active involvement in prescribed burning and restoration of longleaf pine habitats.  Since low impact site preparation was not readily available, the company bought heavy equipment to provide some of these niche services.  To fill additional client needs this service grew to include construction of logging roads into swamplands that had previously been inaccessible.

In the mid 1980’s Sabine & Waters expanded to provide environmental services such as wetland delineations and permitting and endangered species management.  The combination of forestry and environmental services put the company in a unique position of becoming a liaison between the US Army Corps of Engineers and the forest community.  Sabine & Waters participated in the drafting of South Carolina’s Best Management Practices and interpretation of how they related to the forestry exemptions of The Clean Water Act.

Today Sabine & Waters continues to provide private landowners, timber companies, developers and government a wide variety of natural resource management services throughout the southeastern United States, with a focus on South Carolina. Our staff includes registered foresters, wildlife biologists, GIS professionals and prescribed fire managers.

Our services range from timber sales and appraisals, wetland delineations and permitting, endangered species surveys and management, prescribed burning, game and non-game management, wetland and stream restoration, to GIS mapping services and carbon offset project development.  We still provide our clients with an innovative approach to solving complex issues.  Our long involvement with the regulatory agencies provides our clients with timely answers to questions and issues that affect their property.  Our company supports staff participation in local, state and regional boards and committees to provide support of the natural resource professional and business community.  We serve on boards and committees of the Society of American Foresters, South Carolina Forestry Association and South Carolina Wildlife Federation and local and regional boards and commissions to continue to protect the interests of landowners and guide them in the stewardship of natural resources.